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Load testing JBossESB over JMS with JMeter

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Very simple example of applying a load on JBossESB via JMS, using jmeter. It does not really measure anything, but is a simple way to write a large volume of messages to a JMS Queue. This sample only covers a request only (one way) scenario, but could be easily modified to load test a request/response service, measuring response time.

These steps assuming a working JBossESB install exists at $JBOSSESB.


  1. Define and verify a JBossESB service. The simplest case would be a gateway queue, an ESB queue, and a single action. Here is a sample jboss-esb.xml
  2. Download jmeter here:
  3. Unpack and start to verify it works (start with jmeter.bat for win or jmeter for *nix)
  4. Add the required jars to your jmeter classpath. Locate your JBoss install. Copy the following files to your jmeter/lib/ext directory:
    • $JBOSSESB/server/default/lib/jboss-j2ee.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/server/default/lib/javassist.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/server/default/deploy/jboss-aop-jdk50.deployer/jboss-aop-jdk50.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/client/jbossall-client.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/client/jboss-messaging-client.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/client/trove.jar
    • $JBOSSESB/client/log4j.jar
  5. Create a new jmeter test plan. Add a thread group. Right click the thread group > Add > Sampler > JMS Point to Point.
  6. Edit the sampler:
    • QueueConnection Factory: “ConnectionFactory”
    • JNDI name Request queue: The name of your ESB service’s gateway queue (“queue/someGatewayQueue”)
    • Communication style: Request Only
    • Content: The contents of the message to be written to the queue
    • Initial Context Factory: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory
    • Add property to JNDI Properties with Name: java.naming.provider.url, and Value: jnp://localhost:1099 (adjust accordingly)
  7. Save the test plan.
  8. Adjust the Thread Group parms accordingly (thread count, iterations, etc) and run the test.

Update for JBoss AS 5.1 + JBoss ESB 4.7; or JBoss SOA-P 5.0.0

  1. Instead of copying individual files above, copy all jars from $JBOSSESB/client to $JMETER/lib/ext

Written by Mike Finn

March 24, 2010 at 1:22 pm

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  1. Nice article. Was definitely helpful.


    March 30, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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